AI is gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. For software developers, harnessing the power of AI is crucial to speed up software design and development. Thankfully, there are several AI tools available that can greatly assist developers in their everyday tasks.

In this article, we’re going to discuss top 5 AI tools that will increase developer productivity.

1. Tabnine

Tabnine is a tool that boosts the productivity of developers by automatically completing their code.

By using smart code completion, Tabnine saves a lot of time.

As you type, Tabnine predicts and suggests the next line of code based on the context and syntax of your code. It offers:

  • Complete lines of code
  • Full-function code completions
  • Natural language to code conversion

Moreover, Tabnine enhances code quality and consistency by providing code completions that align with your coding patterns.

The best part is that Tabnine runs on your local computer, ensuring your data and code remain private and secure. Privacy is not a concern when using Tabnine.

2. Mintlify

Writing comments or generating documentation is time-consuming But with Mintlify, you can leave that job to the tool.

Mintlify is good at understanding your code, making it an invaluable tool for:

  • Simplifying complex functions and automatically generating documentation.
  • Swiftly creating comments to grasp the functionality of someone else’s function.

3. GitHub Copilot

Creating code from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. However, with Copilot, you can create entire functions in real-time by assembling pre-existing modules.

Copilot has been trained on an extensive collection of public code, encompassing billions of lines. This allows it to transform natural language prompts, such as comments and method names, into coding suggestions for various programming languages.

Here are some advantages of using Copilot:

  • Eliminates the need to search through Stack Overflow or Google for code solutions.
  • Saves hours of typing by providing ready-made code suggestions.
  • With practice in crafting effective prompts, Copilot works like magic, helping you create efficient code.

4. DeepSource

DeepSource is an AI-driven code review assistant that uses machine learning algorithms to examine code for potential issues, such as bugs, security vulnerabilities, and code smells. It offers real-time feedback and practical insights to developers, making the code review process more efficient and enhancing overall code quality.

Key features of DeepSource include:

  • Multi-language support: DeepSource caters to various programming languages, including Python, Go, JavaScript, and Ruby, among others.
  • Continuous analysis: DeepSource performs code analysis with every commit and pull request, providing instant feedback to developers throughout the development process.
  • Customizable rules: Developers have the flexibility to customize DeepSource by defining their own rules and coding standards, ensuring consistency across the project and team.
  • Integration with popular tools: DeepSource seamlessly integrates with popular version control platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. It also integrates well with CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions and Travis CI, making it easy to incorporate into existing workflows.

By using the power of AI and machine learning, DeepSource empowers developers to identify and solve potential code issues early on, leading to improved code quality and more efficient development practices.

5. Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon CodeGuru is a code review service powered by AI that utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect potential issues like bugs, security vulnerabilities, and performance bottlenecks in codebases. By providing developers with immediate feedback and practical recommendations, CodeGuru aims to enhance code quality, performance, and security.

Key features of Amazon CodeGuru include:

  • Language support: Currently, CodeGuru supports Java and Python, with plans to expand its language support to include more programming languages in the future.
  • IDE integration: CodeGuru seamlessly integrates with popular IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, and Visual Studio Code through plugins and extensions, enabling developers to leverage its capabilities within their preferred development environments.
  • Automated code reviews: CodeGuru automatically reviews pull requests in connected repositories, delivering real-time feedback and suggestions to developers for improving code quality and performance.
  • Performance profiling: CodeGuru offers a performance profiling feature that assists developers in identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks.

With its AI-powered capabilities, Amazon CodeGuru helps developers write better code, improve performance and security, ultimately increasing the overall quality of software projects.


The rise of AI-driven tools in software development has revolutionized the way developers work, making them more efficient. By adopting and integrating these AI tools into your processes, you can save time and energy while enhancing the overall quality, dependability, and ease of maintaining your software applications. As AI continues to progress, we can anticipate the arrival of even more advanced and robust tools, pushing the boundaries of what developers can achieve and transforming the landscape of software development.

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