Leveraging Technology to Fuel Your Business Growth

Is your business using technology to reach its potential? While most companies realize the importance of technology, many fall short of leveraging it for growth. Having the most optimal applications and platforms has never been more important, as the business world has endured a dramatic shift during the pandemic. These changes may not be short-term, so you need to be agile in approaching technology to ensure it supports you now and in the future.

Pandemic Tech Trends

The impact of COVID-19 is worldwide and applies to any industry. It’s also dramatically changed how we use technology. As workers went home, usage of video chat skyrocketed. According to one report, video conferencing app usage has surged, totaling 62 million new downloads of these apps worldwide.

In addition to this tool, mobile device use has risen. Statistical reports that 70 per cent of users worldwide are using smartphones more. In Australia specifically, there has been a 38 per cent increase.

How can your company be better positioned to use technology to respond to new tech trends and pave the way for growth and success?

Focus on Technology that’s Future-Proof

There are several different technology-related initiatives you can undertake to achieve your goals and thrive. First, you need to understand how your audience interacts with your digital properties and how they perform on mobile. This information, coupled with your business objectives, can help you determine what makes sense in terms of mobile apps development Melbourne, improving the UI or UX of your website, or redesigning your website so that it’s mobile-first.

Next, look at the software that’s the foundation for your company’s operations and workflows. Evaluate its effectiveness and its ability to be flexible. You may find that custom software development is a cost-effective and advantageous solution.

Finally, you should embrace technology that makes your business smarter and more efficient with AI.

When you weave in AI, you can identify insights and improve processes.

Have questions about how to implement better technology? Let’s connect and continue the conversation.

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