Managed Resources

The hardest part of growing any business is finding, hiring, and managing the appropriate staff. Placing ads, assessing CVs, interviewing candidates, onboarding and training and ongoing management are the bane of any entrepreneurs or directors life. This is particularly hard when the work you need done is a supporting or back office role.

Avant Tech can help you find and recruit the best available talent for the job
you need done at a great price.

Managing Your IT Team

Unless your business deals directly with IT, chances are that your IT requirements are more about ensuring your business continues to run with no disruptions. As opposed to being a core service offering. Worse still, you often don’t understand what your IT team is doing or if you’re really getting value for money. The truth is, IT is often used as a catch all term for anything related to computers, the internet or your network.

In reality, there are many specialities that exist within the IT space and depending on what your specific requirements are, you may need a very specific expertise, as opposed to a generalist. At Avant Tech, we help you understand what you need an help you find great value for money outsourced staffing solutions that get the job done well at the best possible price.

At Avant Tech, we can assist with our Managed Resources services. Specialising in IT resources, we can assist you in building a virtual IT team that works with you on an ongoing basis or assisting you with staffing a one off project through our outsourcing services

Staff Without Stress

Once we understand your scope, we can assist you with building and managing the perfect virtual team for your individual needs.

Avant Tech will build the perfect virtual team, manage their work and report back to you, providing you clear transparency that the work you need done is being done to the best possible level.

Better still, our Managed Resources services are completely scalable to your needs. That means we can hire more outsourced staff if your project demands it.