SEO in 2022 – Disruptor Trend That Must Be Understood!

The game of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) is not the same as a couple of years back. As it has taken some rad twists. With the advancement in technology, the increasing needs of internet users to achieve the best out of the search engines are evolving in the process of SEO techniques in 2020. By 2020, every SEO agency or expert must go the extra mile in their SEO strategy to rank higher in search engines. This involves including new trends in the strategies and finding out the changing patterns of searching by online users. In this article, we will be focusing precisely on the most striking trends in SEO that would play a decisive and significant role in the future of SEO. If you desire your website to be ranked high in search results this year, then you need to understand and follow these trends:f you are fed up by the low speed of your WordPress website then now is the right time to improve its efficiency. Studies have shown that about 45 percent of visitors bounce back when site-loading requires a speed of more than 2 seconds. So to keep half of the users interested all you need is to speed up and get a fast loading WordPress website.

While running e-commerce, one has to deal with online buyers who are considered impatient users, so ensuring a great customer experience is vital. Optimizing a website appears to be a better and more effective solution to attract viewers, online buyers, and visitors. The faster the site-loads the better it is for user experience and engagement and it also helps with SEO. Loading time or speed is the most commonly reported problem with a website.

The slow speed of a website can result in bad user experience and can harm indexation. The higher the bounce rate, the lower the viewers of the site. According to experts, a bounce occurs only when a visitor visits your website but moves forward without interacting further with the site. A slow website where traffic loss occurs at the same time it is responsible for a bad impact on revenue collection.

Speed plays an important role when dealing with a website. There are many ways to rank higher, to boost the loading-time, to improve user experience, and to lower the bouncing rate. Firstly, all you need is to find out the actual bouncing rate of your website which can also be done by many different techniques but the best of all is Google analytics.

Mobile 1st Indexing

According to the initiative by Google, it ranks websites by using mobile-first indexing based on how a website can be optimized well for the cell phones. This shows that the search results you will be seeing on Google will now directly get you to the mobile version of your website. Google started the migrating process for websites to the mobile-first index in March 2018. In 2019, Google has further announced that all new domains will be assessed only via mobile-first principles. Once a site is migrated, the mobile version of the website is used as a means of ranking.

Voice Search Optimization

The voice search concept refers to speaking, instead of typing the query in the search bar. This option helps the users to simply say something and get relevant results from popular search engines including Google. However, it must be noted that Voice Search has not garnered huge popularity in 2019, but the statistics have started telling a lot about how this trend will become more popular among the internet users by 2020 and so forth. According to SEO experts, 50% of all the searches would be voice searches. Voice assistant users are growing significantly every year to the extent that one in six Americans now have their own smart speakers. SEO agencies will need to delve deep inside to better optimize your website for voice searches. According to experts, it is expected that this trend will further grow quickly over the next few years. Voice search optimization is no longer a matter of choice now. It will be vital to rank your website higher in the coming years.

Blockchain SEO

It Is A Complex System Containing Online Records To Support Online Verification And Make Sure To Secure Movement Or Exchange Assets. It Is A Type Of Ledger That Is Decentralized, Meaning There Is Not A Third Party That Entirely Supervises Their Records. Anyone On The Network Can Access This Ledger. It Makes The Record, Similar To The Spreadsheet That Is Distributed Among All Participants. The Blockchain Spreadsheets Are Simultaneously Updated From Time To Time. Additionally, If Anyone Makes An Effort To Misrepresent The Data, The Blockchain Will Immediately Detect A Discrepancy And Will Be Neutralized By Itself. Blockchain Technology Will Significantly Impact The Landscape Of SEO From Now Onward. One Of The Greatest Benefits Of Blockage Is That It Reduces PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Fraud. This Will Greatly Encourage The Users To Feel Secure While Clicking The Ads To The Landing Pages Of The Websites. Ultimately, This Will Lead To More Traffic And More User Time On The Pages To Boost Conversions Along With Improvements In Other Metrics That Are Responsible For String SEO. Applying For Blockchain Websites Will Require The Services Of SEO Experts And Web Developers To Work In Close Coordination. Through This Practice, The Owner Of The Websites Will Have A Lot Of Organic Search Benefits Along With Displaying The Information As A Result Of Blockchain Transactions.

Amazon Search Optimization

The Google search engine is one of the best techniques to get information for anything that you are looking for. This has undoubtedly made Google the King of the market. However, when it comes to e-commerce activity, Amazon is looking to rule this domain. Every day, more and more people are using the internet for their e-commerce for their shopping needs. Now Amazon has not only become a universal search engine, but its algorithms are quite similar to that of Google, and Amazon is getting the lion’s share of all e-commerce traffic globally. Most SEO experts have witnessed tremendous growth in Amazon Search Optimization. We can say they not at all require any other search engine as a replacement for Amazon to search what they are desiring to buy. Also, they never feel the requirement to search elsewhere before making any decisions ahead of purchasing. Keep these points in mind and plan a strategy for your visibility on Amazon: If you have a product that you want to sell online, then it must be your number one priority to introduce it on Amazon and optimize it for visibility, as it will provide you with fast sales results. These factors play an important role in ranking on Amazon: The title of your product must be chosen in a manner that it should be in relevance to the search query of your customers. Make sure that the description for your product must be rhymed with what most of the users are searching on Amazon. To stay on top of the search results, it is really important to choose the keyword for your product carefully.


SEO is here to stay, however, we need to look at its best practices that are changing rapidly with each passing year. This article has been crafted to make you familiarised with the disrupting trends that will make SEO people more concerned about implementing ways to modernize and further enhance their SEO strategies. Avant Tech is included among the top SEO agencies in Melbourne, we make sure client’s websites are always staying competitive with the help of up to date knowledge in the SEO services and helps your website to stay high in the ranking. Contact us today to discuss any opportunities in detail.

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