Software Development

We aim to provide high quality, cost effective and reliable software development services matching your particular needs, time frame, and budget. From simple customization to full-cycle software development following your needs and visions, Avant Tech has the right development experience and software knowledge to deliver.

Software Development

Customized Solutions

Not every business is similar, and this is the main reason we prefer creating customized applications, software, and systems for our potential customers. Our team helps you solve critical front and back-end challenges, while you are allowed to focus entirely on serving your customers.

Regardless of your industry niche, Avant Tech customized software development will fulfill your needs.

How Can We Help You?

We collaborate with you as partners and launch software that is perfectly aligned with your business needs, with the help of personalized team of analysts, developers, and designers that have complete knowledge and familiarity with the unique opportunities and challenges


Our Process

We believe comprehensive and powerful IT solutions can not only transform your business but also improve your bottom line. We take the following steps in the development process.


Software Development Services

Custom software can be a complete game-changer for your business.

If you have ever felt sick of trying to shoehorn your requirements into an off-the-shelf product, longed for added functionality your current software can’t provide or require your staff to operate across two or three different software interfaces to do their job, you are crying out for custom software development services.

From simple customisation to full-scale custom software development to suit your organisational needs, Avant Tech has the right development experience and software knowledge to deliver on your requirements.

Melbourne Bespoke Software Development Services

Whether customising off-the-shelf software products to tailor them to the needs of your business and staff, or developing bespoke software from scratch, Avant Tech’s holistic software development services can help.

Our team can assist with the development of web and desktop software and applications usin the latest coding languages including PHP Laravel and Node.js.

As a development team, our goal is to understand what you are trying to achieve and help you build the best solution to achieve it.

Some of the benefits of our custom software development services include:

  • Future- proof your business for the future

  • Produce a scalable solution that grows with you

  • Save ongoing subscription and licensing costs

  • More easily customisable integrations

  • Ongoing support and assistance

  • Greater security

Our Process

Developing custom software starts with you.

Our process is heavily client-centric and always involves an in-depth consultation before any development work begins to ensure our team understands:

  • The current software/s you are using

  • What is working for you

  • What isn’t working for you

  • What you’d like to achieve with your software customisation or custom software development

This planning process informs what comes next and is a crucial first step in our Melbourne software development services.

Once the plan is complete, we drive through a systematic process of:

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Test

  • Deploy

  • Review

  • Launch

Our team also provide ongoing maintenance and support services, to ensure your custom software works as you need it to and grows with your business.

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We are here to help with any software development needs your organisation has!

As well as software development, our team can also assist with accompanying mobile app development as well.

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